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 Donator status on the "new" server

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Donator status on the "new" server Empty
PostSubject: Donator status on the "new" server   Donator status on the "new" server EmptyThu Jan 07, 2010 7:58 pm

Any player who donated for member status on Heaven-Pkz, will receive member status on the new Heaven-Pkz. I, however, cannot guarantee any donated items, as I am not the owner or manager of the PayPal account which you donated to. Please stop spamming my Inbox about this and that, I'm not coding the new server so I don't know when it'll be here, I don't manage donations so I don't know about your items.

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Donator status on the "new" server Freemant
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Donator status on the "new" server
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