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 To all Wishing to become Global Moderator.

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Blk Shadow43
Blk Shadow43

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To all Wishing to become Global Moderator. Empty
PostSubject: To all Wishing to become Global Moderator.   To all Wishing to become Global Moderator. EmptySat Nov 21, 2009 12:37 pm

This is to everyone who would like to become global moderator. I am group Moderator of the Global Moderator group and If you would like to be a Global Mod then Click on the Moderator Group and click subscribe to this group. I will either accept or deny your membership into this group. The group members MUST have applied and have had experience Modding forums before. I will also demote any inactive, unhelpful, or corrupt global mods, and nick if you'd like to have some power in this decision reply here and I will accept your opinions too.

Global Mods:

Head Global Mod: Blk Shadow43

Global Mods: Fallon, Petros, Gandalf, Super Swag

EDIT: There will be no more Global Mods Accepted until the forum becomes busier and more crowded. I will leave the subscriptions to the group pending and I will choose more global mods later as the forum needs them.

Best ways to become a Global Mod:

-DO NOT Posthunt
-Help users over the forum
-Report any spamming to a Global Mod
-DO NOT ASK for Global Mod I will come to you
-Don't get involved in any huge flame wars, just ask a Mod to lock the flame topic.

UPDATE: Membership to the Global Mod group is closed for now until we have a need for more mods. Until we start accepting again you will not be able to subscrie to this group.

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To all Wishing to become Global Moderator.
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