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 To all in-game staff members.

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To all in-game staff members. Empty
PostSubject: To all in-game staff members.   To all in-game staff members. EmptyTue Nov 24, 2009 11:57 pm

TO ALL OF YOU, mods and admins. If I see you abusing your staff powers, I will personally bann your staff account, pending demotion. This is my decision, and is endorsed by neither Paul nor Brandon, but I don't care. I'll be damned if the players of this server will be subjected to abusive staff members. Granted a somewhat small percentage of our staff is not suited for the job, that doesn't mean I won't be right there to punish you if you do abuse. With all that being said, as an Administrator, what you do reflects on me and the other staff of this server, and you set an example of how our community should follow our rules. Conduct yourselves accordingly as staff members, and respect your powers, or face the consequences.

Signature by Petros
To all in-game staff members. Freemant
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To all in-game staff members.
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