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 Paul read [Put it in wrong section]

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dfs yo ass

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Paul read [Put it in wrong section] Empty
PostSubject: Paul read [Put it in wrong section]   Paul read [Put it in wrong section] EmptyFri Jul 23, 2010 11:21 am

[Repost cuz i put in wrong section]

Hello everyone this is Prevail AKA dfs yo ass. So i got a funny story, I forgot my password. I got 90 slayer recently and thought it would be a good idea to change my password for security purposes. I didn't bother to write it down because I thought I would have remembered it... But I guess I didn't, so I am askin for a favour my EMail is Eclipsed1337@yahoo.com. -- I know it says elipsed on This forum but I miss-spelled it. I will do anything to confirm that is my account.

1. I have a secondary account named : Prevail
2. My forum account is same as my ingame account.
3. I remember the password I had before I changed it.
4. I have over 10 people that will vouch that it is my account and not some lame scammer that is trying to steal this account.

Paul, If you read this please PM me my password (OR you could make it to what it was before I changed it) on this forum or the other or here at Eclipsed1337@Yahoo.com

If you would like more proof or the vouchers name here they are :

Bill Hicks
I use charge
Thing 3
Fallons Cool
Dfs ya ass
Super Swagg

If you know that Dfs yo ass is my account please REPLY saying you do.
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Paul read [Put it in wrong section]
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