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 What being a Global Moderator is about.

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Blk Shadow43
Blk Shadow43

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What being a Global Moderator is about. Empty
PostSubject: What being a Global Moderator is about.   What being a Global Moderator is about. EmptySun Nov 22, 2009 10:53 pm

I'd like to post this just to let everyone applying for global mod know what this position is actually about. It is really about Closing resolved or flame topics, Moving topics to the correct sections and overall just modding the forums. Lately ive seen that many of the members applying were not Global Mod on the invisionfree forum. It does not matter if you were mod on the invisionfree forum, you still have an equal chance of getting global mod as anyone else, but you have to prove yourself. This position DOES have power and it has powers you will need when modding the forums but it seems to me most of the people applying don't want it to help, they just want power. Global Mods are here to help not to just have useless powers. If I accept you as a Global Mod you WILL help mod the forums just as the other global mods do. If I accept you, and you don't help us out modding the forum you will be demoted. Even being head global Mod I like to read through the topics and help edit out spam and unwanted posts. The reason I cant mod alot of them is because Fallon and Gandalf are doing an EXCELLENT Job removing unwanted spam and I would like to thank you both for that. I will only accept those who I know will mod the forums well and who I know will be a friendly helpful mod. People like xxxmanxxx I know you arent worried about the spam/flame on the forums because you cause alot the very spam and flame messages we are trying to delete. Anyways Being a Global Mod is about being a valuable part of the community forum and always doing your job well. Thank you to everyone who applied and we will be accepting more Global Mods in the future, but don't apply if you arent going to help or if you just want power. If some of you are wondering why I chose fallon as our 3rd global mod, its because I noticed she was always modding topics in her section on the old forum. Even if you weren't picked you still may have a shot if you don't participate in flame wars and abide by the forum rules.

Thank you to: Gandalf and Fallon for Being good Global Mods and everyone who reads this topic.

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What being a Global Moderator is about.
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